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Tigerair Australia has built an efficient fleet that enables us to best serve our domestic destinations and continue to offer great value fares to our customers. The Tigerair Australia fleet currently consists of 12 Airbus A320 aircraft and 3 Boeing 737-800, with a progressive transition planned to a wholly 737 fleet over the coming years.

Pilot Opportunities

Tigerair provides entry opportunities in Sydney, Australia to Airbus A320 First Officers. Tigerair’s minimum requirements are listed below. We strongly encourage those who meet minimum requirements to express their interest in Tigerair by submitting an application.

Tigerair understand that, depending an individual’s experience level and personal circumstance, applicants will only be able to accept certain aircraft types and/or bases. Those details will be sourced in the application and during the recruitment process. Besides considering an applicant’s personal preferences, positions will be allocated based on experience and performance during the recruitment process.

Minimum Requirements  

The minimum flying hours experience and qualifications requirements are outlined below for Direct Entry Airbus A320 First Officers:

Minimum total flight time of 500 hours of which:

  • 300 hours in Command of a powered fixed wing aeroplane (excluding ICUS)
  • 200 hours in Command of multi engine aircraft (excluding ICUS), or,
  • A current Australian ATPL or CPL with passes in all ATPL theory subjects
  • Australian Multi Engine Aeroplane Instrument Rating
  • English language Level 6 on licence
  • A current Australian Class 1 Medical Certificate

Those with a NZ licence must have applied for the CASA equivalent licence, through the Trans-Tasman Mutual Agreement process, prior to the commencement of the recruitment assessment process. Evidence of an application will need to be presented at the assessment interview.

Recruitment Process

Tigerair is currently accepting expressions of interest for Sydney, Australia based A320 First Officer positions.
We are looking for enthusiastic and professional flight crew who consistently display behaviours that support the Tigerair brand and values.

Online application process

All applicants will submit an application via the careers page. You will be asked to establish a profile which you can update when your contact, employment and flight hour details change. Those who have previously applied for positions will need to re-submit an application unless you have specifically been informed not to re-apply.

Stage 1 – Application Review
Applications will be reviewed and candidates will be prioritised to progress to the next stage.

Stage 2 – Online cognitive testing
You will receive an email with all the instructions needed to complete the testing and the ideal timeframes to complete this testing to be considered for upcoming assessment days. Please note that during assessment days we will occasionally conduct ‘validation’ cognitive testing.

Stage 3 – Assessment Days
The Recruitment process will involve two consecutive days of assessments which will include Behavioural Interview, Group Activity and a Simulator Assessment.

Suggestions for success

Be yourself. Be prepared. Be punctual.


How do I know the status of my application?
We will acknowledge the initial receipt of your application.
We plan to communicate advice of the status of your application within two months initially, reducing to one month after we deal with the large numbers received after the invitation for applications initially open. The advice will indicate that:

  •  you have been progressed to the next stage,
  • you are not competitive to be progressed at this time but will remain active, or
  •  your application will not be progressed further.

What happens if I am successful in the recruitment process?
Pending satisfactory completion of Referee Checks, and depending on Tigerair’s requirements at the time, you may be allocated directly to an endorsement course or placed on a Hold File for future opportunities.

When should I update my application?
You should update your application when significant changes such as licence type, employment, and residential address occur. At the very least you should update every six months to ensure we have your latest flying experience details.

How long is the bond period?
Generally you will bonded on type for 36 months. Specific information can be obtained from the Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.

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Tigerair Australia has a vision to be the value airline of choice for all Australians and is committed to delivering the best in terms of safe, affordable and reliable air travel with friendly service. As part of the Virgin Australia Group, Tigerair plays an important role in the Group vision to change aviation for good. We don’t just fly planes, we fly people, and we know that having the right people on our team at Tigerair is critical to achieving our vision.
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