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Jazeera Airways is looking for Cabin Crew.

Scope of the job

As a Cabin Crew Member, the successful candidate will be responsible to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers. A cabin crew member is expected to provide top-notch customer service and work as a team player in supporting the mission of the airline’s values
The primary responsibility of the cabin crew members is to ensure passengers safety. They must inform passengers on emergency and safety procedures during all phases of the flight and manage procedures following an emergency in accordance with the Operations Manual and Commander’s instructions. All Cabin Crew Members should maintain close co-operation with the other members of the team and with the flight crew, to ensure the efficient conduct of a flight, providing passengers with the best in safety comfort and service.


  • Ensure the passengers safety and escape in an emergency situation
  • Be well prepared and fit for the flight
  • Ensure the respect of “Fasten seat belt” and “No smoking” signs
  • Ensure the comfort and safety of the passengers
  • Adheres to the safety regulations written in the SEP manual
  • Report malfunctioning of equipment prior to flight.
  • Ensure in-flight serve is carried out according to the current service orders
  • Be familiar with the laws, regulations and procedures required for the performance of their duties.
  • Co-operate closely with other crew members and ground staff at all times to ensure that the highest
    possible standards of safety and efficiency in the conduct of flight is maintained.
  • Perform all cabin safety and security check as established.
  • Giving a demonstration of the safety measures such as fastening seat belt and the manner of using emergency equipment.
  • Report incidences of safety and security to the Commander.
  • Aim for the highest personal skill and act in accordance to their best judgement
  • Maintain and be familiar with the documentation and manual provided by Company.
  • Giving a demonstration of the safety measures such as fastening seat belt.
  • Giving knowledge about the exit doors.
  • Giving a demonstration of the manner of using emergency equipment.
  • Checking the availability of enough or sufficient first aid kits and other emergency equipment.
  • Checking the availability of sufficient food and beverages for the passengers and the cabin crew travelling on the flight.
  • Serving meals and drinks
  • Taking special care of the kids, elderly and unwell or physically handicapped people.
  • Help passengers with any kind of queries
  • Tackle special problems pertaining to the health of the passengers and emergency situations.

Job Skills

  • The successful candidate will be able to exercise initiative, derive and accomplish implied tasks from formal direction and anticipate requirements for a variety of planned and unplanned emergencies.
  • Must be able to deal with difficult passengers in a firm, assertive but friendly manner.
  • Enjoy team work
  • Be calm under pressure
  • Be a good people person
  • Should be able to work effectively and efficiently
  • Have high energy and able to cope with shift work – Being a cabin crew member requires stamina, positive energy and a passion for customer service. Cabin crew members are required to work overnight stays and extended hours.

Experience and Qualifications

Minimum Qualification Requirements:

  • Cabin crew must be able to read in ENGLISH and understand written instructions, exercise
    good judgement and communicate
    effectively to flight crew members, fellow cabin crew and passengers in an emergency.
  • Capable of mastering the training programme and will be able to perform the required safety and emergency duties.
  • Are able to develop the authority or self confidence to lead an evacuation or manage other emergencies.
  • Minimum education High School (12 yrs of schooling or more) or equivalent degree
  • Minimum of 21 years
  • Holding a valid transferable residency in Kuwait.
  • Able to reach safety equipment and open and close overhead bins in the aircraft from standing position.
  • Able to move comfortably down the aisle, single file, facing forward, and pass quickly through the smallest secondary cabin emergency exit window
  • Shall meet Company Medical Standards.
  • Height: Applicants must be able to reach overhead emergency equipment and this will be specifically tested during the selection process. For safety reasons the acceptable height range is 160cm-185cm.
  • Weight: In proportion to height
  • Eye Sight: Unaided vision must be sufficient for the candidate to perform all Cabin Crew Member safety related duties in an emergency. If the candidate wears glasses or contact lenses, he/she will need to submit an optometrist’s report detailing the level of unaided vision.
  • Security: Prospective employees under-go Aviation Security Clearance and Policy checks as part of the application process.
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