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As part of the role of an International Sky Chef, the jobholder will ensure that food and beverage service experienced by guests is of the highest standard in terms of quality, presentation and service.

Main Duties

  • Exceeding Customer and the Airline’s expectation in service.
  • Be the ambassadors of the Airline to secure loyalty and repeat business from the travelers.
  • Through pre-flight check ascertain that all catering is loaded as per passenger demand.
  • Optimize resources available to deliver the world-class service on serving in-flight meals and beverages, and cater to individual requests and taste.
  • Organize re-arrangement of Catering Schedules with station catering staff in the event of delays or disruptions.
  • Meeting all emergency and safety requirements in a professional and considerate manner.
  • Ensuring he/she is thoroughly conversant with the content of all related crew manuals.
  • Maintaining grooming standards.
  • Performing under pressure within tight frames.
  • Ensuring the needs of others are met in a professional, enthusiastic and caring manner by being sensitive to special needs, and understanding of other cultures.
  • Resolving situations in a calm and confident manner.
  • Demonstrate a readiness to make decisions, to “take the initiative” and originate action.
  • Use clear communication strategies.
  • Maintain effective work behaviors in the face of setbacks.
  • High awareness of service, safety and quality standards.

Education & Experience

  • Degree Level : High school diploma or equivalent; certificate, associate .
  • Degree fields : Culinary arts or related field
  • Age: 25-40
  • Certification: Culinary school Diploma, associate or bachelor’s degree in catering.
  • Professional kitchen experience :Minimum of 3 years in cook and food preparation.
  • This job has expired!
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