Small Planet Airlines started offering a floating-base contract for flexible pilots

Small Planet Airlines started offering a new type of permanent contracts for Airbus A320 family pilots who are willing to switch different bases when needed.

The so-called ‘floatable-base’ contracts will be available to all pilot categories – First Officers, Captains, training instructors and examinators (FO, CPT, LTC, TRI and TRE).

„This is a new type of contract for pilots who have ability and willingness to switch bases depending on our business needs. Due to seasonality and changing demand, our company needs a different number of pilots in different cities at a different time. A floatable-base contract comes with amazing benefits. We believe it will be attractive for qualified pilots who are motivated to experience flying from different bases of operations”, says Laura Mieceliene, the Head of Administration and HR department.

A huge list of benefits for the pilots includes accommodation (or base allowance) and covers travel costs from base to base, accident, travel and loss of license insurance, medical expenses as well as tickets for days-off at home and back. When operating in Europe, an attractive roster with 20 days on and 10 days off is offered.

The contract comes with a financial offer consisting of a base salary, guaranteed monthly-hours salary (50 block hours), and additional salary for flying extra hours. Estimated net salaries are 5000-6000 EUR for First Officers, 8200-10200 EUR for Captains, and 12200-15000 EUR for training instructors, based on experience and qualifications.

Small Planet Airlines Basic Offer

Small Planet Airlines Basic Offer

Small Planet Airlines is a group of leisure carriers with a fleet of 29 Airbus-only aircraft. The group owns Air Operator Certificates in Lithuania, Germany, Poland, and Cambodia. In the Summer season 2018 Small Planet Airlines will operate from 15 European bases, 6 of them being in Germany (DUS, PAD, HAJ, HAM, CGN, LEJ), 3 in Poland (WAW, KTW, GDN), and the remaining 5 in different European airports: VNO, CDG, AMS, CHQ, and ARN. Small Planet Airlines Germany will fly from a base in Hurghada as well.

During winter seasons Small Planet Airlines moves part of its fleet to Asia. The company has operational experience in Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Saudi Arabia.


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